Exercise Advice 101….
Strength and Resistance Training Helps Mental Health
We are slowly but surely learning that we need a good strength and resistance regimen as a part of our fitness program.  The main reasons are endless!  Increase of metabolism, increase bone density, stronger joints, and makes daily activities so much smoother…..on and on!  One main advantage from strength training is better mental health.  As individual’s age, they will jokingly say…”oops, where did I put my keys?... guess that’s my old age”!  Or, I hear from my clients, I couldn’t sleep, I have no energy, and I am so tired. 
So how does the muscle gain help the brain?

  1. Anxiety:  Anxiety is generally manifested in feelings of nervousness, fear and or worry.  Some anxiety is normal, but long term is associated with sleep disruption, body aches and pains and poor health.  After just 6 weeks of strength training, 8 people who tried a new regimen of weights and or resistance training, had 70% lower stress levels. 

**Strength & Resistance training refers to using weights, bands and or your own body weight.  Example:  Weight training, Flow Yoga, Boot camp…whatever your body feels best doing!

  1.  Cognition:  Refers to the brains processing ability to obtain knowledge through thought and experience.  Again, those individuals who added Weights 2-3 x a week had better ability to remember….”where they last placed their keys ;-)”  OR…what they had for dinner 2 nights ago!
  2. Depression:   Faced with everyday life challenges and losses, most people feel sad or down at one time or another.  However, long term intense stress causes 80% of the ailments in the human body.  Regular exercise has been linked to a large reduction of stress relief.
  3. Sleep:  We spend 30% of our lives sleeping.  Insufficient amount of sleep is on the rise, which is problematic with our physical and mental health.  Constant sleep deprivation leads to hypertension, slower metabolism, cardio vascular disease, stroke and just a diminished quality of life.

Final Thought…The evidence is quite impressive when one considers how resistance training can positively affect several major mental health issues.  Start treating your body right!!!  You deserve it!